traditional festivals

(2016)  Indiana Jones  >> (2015)  Back to the Future >> (2014)  The Godfather >> (2013)  James Bond >> (2012)  Batman by Nolan >> (2011)  Back to the Future >> (2010)  Star Trek  >> (2009)  The Lord of the Rings >> (2008)  Star Wars Episode I-VI

cinevent series

(1970’s) Murder on the Orient Express (1960’s) Lawrence of Arabia by Lean (1950’s) Ben Hur by William Wyler (1940’s) The Great Dictator by Chaplin (1930’s) The Wizard of Oz by Flemin (1920’s) Metropolis by Lang All traditional festivals are restricted for private auditions only – friends and family of mine. In this case is no reservation possible. Die “cineevent”…